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The NEWT center is the first of its kind in the Carolinas

  • Highly trained team of fellowship trained pediatric urologists work side-by-side with experienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants 
  • specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric voiding dysfunction and UTIs
  • utilizing a multimodal approach to treatment including  

                                       Counseling and education

                       Behavioral modifications

                       Bladder and bowel retraining

                       Dietary modifications


​                       Biofeedback

Symptoms of abnormal urination or dysfunctional voiding include:

                       Daytime wetting

                       Nighttime wetting


                       Urinary urgency                       

                       Urinary frequency or infrequency

                       Urine withholding (infrequent urination)

                       Posturing to avoid voiding (squatting or dancing)

​                       Vaginal and penile pain

                       Recurrent Urinary tract infections

At some point as many as 20% of school age children have symptoms of voiding dysfunction. We know the emotional and social stress that this can place on children and their families. The NEWT center is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric voiding dysfunction in a stress free, child-friendly environment.

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