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Pre Surgical FAQs

Your Child Is Being Scheduled for Surgery

Our surgical coordinators will work with you and your physician to identify a date for your child’s surgery. The timing of surgery will depend on your child's age, what procedure your child needs, how quickly your child needs to have the procedure, your surgeon’s schedule and the location of the sugery center where the procedure will be performed.

Please review the surgery guide from the hospital at which your child is going to have surgery:

Carolinas Medical Center Pediatric Surgery Guide

Novant (Presbyterian Hospital) Pediatric Surgery Guide

Referrals and insurance

Our office will obtain pre-certification for the procedure from your insurance company.

​Financial responsibility for charges not covered by insurance

PUA has implemented the following policy regarding patient responsible amounts such as deductibles and co-insurances. All amounts related to surgery not covered by your insurance plan are the insured’s (subscriber’s) responsibility and will be due prior to your child’s surgical date. Depending on your individual insurance plan, you may be responsible for expenses such as deductible or co-insurance. Our staff will attempt to determine your portion of the payment related to your child’s surgery. They may contact you to provide you with a summary of your financial responsibility and to discuss payment options. Under no circumstances are our estimates of your portion of the payment to be considered contracts for payment in full. Other services such as hospital, anesthesia and radiology fees will be separate and are not included in the estimate your PUA representative provides. If we are unable to pre-determine your portion of the payment, or unable to contact you with this information, the insured remains responsible for any amounts due after payment is received from your insurance plan. 

Anesthesia Preop Visit

It is possible that your child may need a visit with the anesthesiologists prior to his or her surgical procedure. This is not always needed, however the purpose of these visits is to determine if there are any special considerations that may need to be taken into account during your child's surgery. If you are told this visit is required and you do not attend the visit, your child’s surgery will be canceled and postponed.

Feeding Instructions

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours prior to the procedure to inform you about the feeding instructions for your child prior to the procedure. The instructions will include when to stop solid foods (anything that you cannot see through including milk, formula...) and when to stop clear liquids (water, apple juice). Failure to follow these feeding instructions will result in a delay of the surgery or cancellation and rescheduling of the procedure to a different day. This is no way meant to be a punishment, if your child has a stomach full of food/liquids they might aspirate this into their lungs which could result in a serious complication.

Directions and What time Should I arrive?

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours prior to the procedure to inform you what time to arrive at the surgery center/hospital. Please leave early and take traffic into account. Obtain directions the day before so you know where you are to go. Failure to arrive at the designated time may result in delay or cancellation of the surgical procedure.

No Show Policy

If you do not show up for your child's scheduled surgical procedure it will be left up to your child's doctor whether his/her procedure will be rescheduled. 

What if my child is sick around the time of the procedure?

If your child is sick several days prior to the procedure you may have your pediatrician evaluate him/her to determine if they feel that he/she is okay for surgery. If your pediatrician feels that the procedure should be rescheduled please let us know as early as possible prior so that we may adjust our surgery schedules. If your child gets sick the night before please do NOT call us in the middle of the night to let us know that they will have to be rescheduled- call the surgery center after 6am to let them know. Surgery will be rescheduled for fevers, persistent vomiting or diarrhea or upper respiratory infections. If your child merely has a runny nose and no fever he/she will probably be fine for surgery but the final determination will be made by the anesthesiologist the morning of surgery.

Preparing for your child’s procedure

The night before your child’s procedureTo help prevent infections, the night before surgery, please make sure you 1) give your child a soap and water bath 2) shampoo your child's hair. Do NOT use any lotions or powders after bath. Use clean pajamas and linens after bath

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